How to clean headphones

Headphones or earphones in-ear headphones are made of something similar to leather. And most of the earphones are white, it will inevitably become dirty after a long time. What should I do? The earphone holster tells you the way.

1. Headphones

Headphones are something we often need to use. They can help us solve many problems. For example, when we are depressed and want to listen to songs and don't want to disturb others, we can use headphones to solve them. But on the contrary, after a long time of use, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of stains on the earphones. The stains on the surface may be easier to remove, but the dirt in some crevices is more difficult to remove.



In fact, it can be solved with some tools at this time, such as pin, toothpicks or silicone rubber products. The pin can easily go deep into the gap to clean up the dirt. Silicone rubber products are originally pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. They are used to remove dust, hair and surface attachments, and to clean computer keyboards. They can be used thousands of times and are effective for several years without drying out. When using it, knead and twist the silicone rubber product several times, then press it on the stained area, and then pull it out. Repeatedly several times will have the effect.

Waterproof earphones

2. Headphone cable

The earphone cable is actually very easy to get dirty, if it is white, it is more obvious, but it is difficult to clean it with paper towels or cloth. Then you might as well try to wipe with an eraser, you will find that the stain will be wiped off soon. In the same way, if you use other cables, such as charging cables, computer cables, etc., you can also try to use an eraser. The effect is also good.



Third, the handset and speaker

The handset and speaker on the mobile phone are also very dusty, and over time, the amount of dirt will affect the quality of the call. Since the earpiece and speaker are recessed and difficult to touch, you can also use silicone rubber products to help clean them up, which is effective. Hope these methods can solve the problems in your life.

In fact, it is not troublesome to clean the earphones, but if they are dirty, they must be cleaned up in time. The white earphones have been used for a long time, or if they are not stored properly, they may turn yellow. At this time, the earphones may really not be cleaned. The above is the cleaning method summarized by the earphone holster.